Succesful Information Communities

The following are examples of communities  INFO 200 students have researched successfully. This list may inspire your thinking as you choose your community.
Professional communities (doctors, lawyers, etc)
Cancer survivors
Hobbyist Cooks
Harry Potter Fans
Nerdfighters Online Community
Specialty Coffee Professionals
Tattoo Enthusiasts
Film Preservation Archivists
Fiction Writers
Hobby Genealogists
Children’s Librarians
Military Families
Recreational Drone Users
US Immigrants
Elderly Caregivers
Book Authors
Individuals suffering from chronic illness
Library Media Specialists
Feminist theory and music community
A town or geographic area’s Virtual Information Community
Pikes Peak Genealogical Society
ALA Think Tank
Somali Information Community
Homeless Persons
Hispanic community (in a specific location)
Historian information community
Film preservation  community
Prisoner community
Parents with special needs children
Phish fans
Ham radio operators