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Dr. Michael Stephens is an Assistant Professor in the School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University. His research focuses on use of emerging technologies in libraries and technology learning programs. He currently writes the monthly column “Office Hours” in Library Journal exploring issues, ideas and emerging trends in library and information science education. Stephens has spoken about emerging technologies, innovation, and libraries to audiences in over 26 states and in nine countries. He is fascinated by library buildings and virtual spaces that center around users, participation, creating content, and encouraging the heart. As a professional he worked 15 years in public libraries.

Framework for Lit Reviews

Hey all – A student writes: “As I’ve never done a Literature review before, I’ve been reading through our material on how to go about it. I liked the idea of the “framework” proposed by Smallbone and Quinton but was frustrated that I couldn’t utilize their table. So, I made one. I wanted to email it […]

Welcome to Break!

Greetings all! I wanted to welcome you to our Spring Break and give you some quick updates. Please take time over the coming days to relax and recharge. Thank you for your hard work. I want to say you’ve done great work on everything so far. We have already covered a lot of ground! Be […]

Blogging Kudos!

Update: I was prepping this post during a break from reading and I hit publish and did not realize it. Here it is for real! Hey all – I just finished reading all of your blog posts to date and I am impressed with what you have done. I appreciate seeing citations from your own research, […]

New Column: Chaos & Caring

Hey all – Some of you may know that I write a monthly opinion piece in Library Journal. My new column just appeared in the March 15 issue. It’s called “Chaos & Caring.” It has everything: mention of my dogs, a Fleetwood Mac reference, and SOUP. More importantly, it touches on libraries as safe places for all, […]

Describing Your Community Part 2

Hey all – I am reposting this as in case anyone would like to share their revised descriptions of their communities. I think it is a good exercise to prep for the remaining formal assignments. Your writing in the lit review and research paper must be academic and formal. We explored the description with  a […]