Extension for Blog Post #3

Hey all – I have been thinking about the post due this Sunday:

Reflection Blogging:

  • Blog Post #3 due 10/1 : Report on the information-seeking behavior and information needs of chosen community from your preliminary research. Utilize theories covered in the lectures and assigned readings and your own explorations to craft your post. Cite the research you’ve found so far concerning your chosen community.(Be sure to read over the helper for reflection post #3.)

I would like to offer an extension to all students in my section. I feel the extra time might help you get a stronger grip on your research, the peer reviewed articles you are gathering, and this first foray into synthesizing your findings. Note: our blogging is a reflective, get your ideas out there exercise. Our goal is to get you on your way to the research paper with each post becoming a possible draft of something you might include.

So: New due date date for Blog Post #3 is 10/5 (into the later evening is fine for this one). Feel free to post anytime before that and be mindful of future assignment due dates as you work.

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