Happy Labor Day

Hey all – I have heard it is HOT in parts of California. Up here in northern Michigan we are anticipating lows in the mid 40s tonight. “And summer became the fall…” goes the song.

Our new module will go up on Monday as usual but please also enjoy the last holiday of the summer if you can. It’s always good to take a breath and recharge.  Feel free to return to our work on Tuesday. We have some full and rich weeks approaching and some demanding writing ahead of us.

I am going to be at a lake place for a couple of days but will be connected – if you need anything pressing over the holiday weekend, do not hesitate to email me at mstephens7@mac.com.

Next week we do a deep dive on what it means to research information communities. I’ll be posting some helpers to keep you on track. Everyone take a breath and exhale! 🙂

I am enjoying getting to know you via your intro blog posts and participation here on our course site.

I will harken back to summer one more time and share a favorite pic I took in July as the featured image – July 5th at Grand Traverse Bay. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day

  1. Jennifer DeMonte

    It was 106 in Oakland yesterday–109 when I was on the freeway. In the nearly 20 years I’ve lived in the east bay (the part that actually touches the bay) it has never been so hot. Without a/c, it’s been an interesting couple of days 🙂 Enjoy your 40s tonight!

  2. James Adams

    It hit 115 in the sun in San Jose, with 110 air temperature. I think I was perpetually in a sweat puddle.

    Enjoy the low temperatures! I’ll be looking at pictures of snow to keep cool.

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