Important: Assignment Requirements & Rubrics

Greetings all – I am reading through your ethics posts and I want to make sure everyone has a good understanding of the assignment requirements and expectations of the remaining formal assignments – worth 50 points of grade for this class. You should be citing peer-reviewed literature related to the information behaviors of your community, citing course resources to further illuminate those behaviors, and synthesizing both as a means to understand how information centers can serve your group. Be sure to review the assignment pages and rubrics:

And use the assignment helper pages as a support for putting the assignments together:

Literature Review Assignment Helper

Research Paper Assignment Helper

We have had some excellent questions in the Literature Review Q & A Group – have you joined? Some of the questions there may inspire your thinking.

Message me here, via email or on IM if you have questions.

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    Thanks for this, Michael – just looked at the rubric again, and while I could swear I’ve gone over it more than once, saw for the first time the criterion, “describes … the significance of the group.” Back to my description with just a few more words!

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