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    @michael: I want to be clear: we are not violating any code of ethics if we use elements of our prior blog posts and reuse/recycle them as part of our literature review? It seems like some of this paper is writing itself if I am utilizing some of my prior writings. Am I correct?

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    @jjohnston Please see:

    The assignments in INFO 200 are meant to build on student knowledge of a community’s information behavior, understanding of peer-reviewed research articles and community-created resources related to the group, and a synthesis of our course content with findings about the community. Blogging and the other major assignments should provide content and insights for the successful competition of the research paper. Content can be remixed and re-used.


    With the guided topics listed on the syllabus, your blogging reflections can ultimately become drafts of various sections of your research paper.


    The reflection blogging assignment encourages you to think and reflect on the research you are gathering related to the information behaviors of your community. Here are some helpful notes for the five reflective posts. Reminder: these posts are most certainly intended to be recycled and remixed for use in future 200 assignments. This is not “self-plagiarism.”


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    OK–here is my PSA for day. I submitted my Lit Review, and in doing so, I have to say that I am (mostly) a huge fan of MS Word and the fact that it keeps track of your citations as you go. Very useful tool. However (and isn’t there always a “but” at the end?) apparently it did not keep the formatting for font that I had used throughout the paper.

    So, word to the wise: if you are doing one last double check, make sure your fonts and font sizes are consistant throughout, including your references. I inadvertantly forgot that and it appears that word did not keep my Times Roman size 12 in my references. It was clearly an oversight on my part.

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    @michael If a book is referred to in the lit review but not examined, should it be included in the references? I’m asking because I plan to mention that Roots by Alex Haley caused a surge in interest in genealogy, but I don’t plan to say more about the book than that.

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