Reflection Blog #5 Thoughts

Greetings all! Make sure you read over the Reflection Blogging helper for post #5:

Blog Post #5: Report on an ethical or legal issue pertaining to your information community. Use your research and the modules on ethical issues and intellectual freedom as resources to define and reflect on the issue.

  • What ethical issues does your community face when sharing, creating or accessing information?
  • How can libraries and information professionals meet these needs or deal with these issues?
  • Utilize your own research and the module resources (Garnar, etc) to share your thoughts on this topic.
  • Cite other course resources or your own research as needed.

You may want to review Module 8 on Information Ethics and Module 9 on Intellectual Freedom.

You may also find you are pulling in more resources from professional literature in LIS for this post, especially if you can find reporting on an ethical issue related to your community and inform,mtion ethics/intellectual freedom.

This post also supports one of our most important core competencies of the MLIS and can become a very useful piece of evidence for your culminating experience in our program – the E-Portfolio.

Each graduate of the Master of Library and Information Science program is able to…

  1. demonstrate awareness of the ethics, values, and foundational principles of one of the information professions, and discuss the importance of intellectual freedom within that profession;

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