IMPORTANT: Creating an OPML File for Our Class Blogs

Greetings to everyone in my INFO 200 Section 02 – I’m going to create an OPML* file for our course blogs so you can add them easily to Feedly or some other aggregator/reader. Update – bumped this post up.

Action Item: Please share your blog URL from the Community Site as a comment on this post. The URL should look something like this:


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When I first started the iSchool MLIS program, I was kind of overwhelmed by the sheer amount of new information coming at me – and not just in my classes. I’m a career transition student, so I didn’t start with years of (or any) library experience. This meant that my learning curve was quite steep. The LIS profession has its own acronyms, people of note, corners of the internet, and values that my new-student-self wanted to take in. One step was aligning my social media diet to my new career/life plans and goals.

Another (relatively easy) step I took was setting up an RSS feed. I’d followed various blogs for years, but I had always just visited each site as part of my internet reading routine. I’d go to each my favorites, see if there was anything new, read (or save for later), and move on to the next one. I was super resistant to RSS and I have no idea why. But I set up my free Feedly account, and since then, I’ve not once regretted it, and there’s no way I’m giving it up. It saves me so, so, so much time, and these days I’ll take all the time-saving tricks I can.

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  1. Betsy Snow

    I’m Betsy Sergeant Snow, an educator, media specialist, and photographer. Now after info 203, where this intro originated, I am scared to death of leaving Canvas to figure out yet another way to manage grad school on top of work and family.

    My days are spent as the Media Specialist at Sequoia High School in Redwood City. I am pursuing the Teacher Librarian credential as I’m now in the second half of my teaching career, and so far, the job feels like a perfect fit. Now that I support all teachers and students, I teach a variety of lessons on how to research, write, as well as how to produce various forms of digital storytelling.

    Here is an example of how I introduce myself to my students, using Adobe Spark: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

    I am now going to try to embed my spark page in my new iSchool blog.

  2. Jayelene Lyons

    I have almost finished INFO 203. Here is my blog from that class.

    I have also written a little about my self for the 204 class I am currently taking as well. (see below)

    I am at the midpoint of my career reconstruction which I started in 2014. I have finished my BA in History with a minor in Anthropology. I am working towards my MLIS degree, which I plan on taking three years to complete. My plan is to concentrate on the archives/preservation career path.

    In 2014 I was in a dead end job in a field I did not like. I decided to see what I could do to find a career that I truly loved. I researched, with the help of the Napa Valley College counseling staff, what it would take to become a rare book librarian. Come to find out it is a little harder than I anticipated. Remembering what the value of the books would be difficult for me (bad memory for that kind of thing). I decided to press on and start my schooling anyway. I knew it would eventually work out. While studying at Sonoma State University I was fortunate to intern in the Special Collections section of the Library. Wow! I thought. This is what I truly want to do. Working with documents that weren’t necessarily “old” and finding that the collections connected to other aspects of life. I love to make connections and learn. Special Collections/Archives is the key environment I wish to spend my time in.

    I currently work at Sonoma State University Library in the Inter Library Loan and the Circulation departments. I enjoy the public services aspect of both departments.

    Thanks for reading a little about me : )

  3. Molly Gould

    Hi all!

    I’m feeling like quite the slacker! I’ve been lurking around, trying to get my bearings in the course blog, wanting to update and revamp my blog from 203, and finally decided it was time to just jump in. No, I didn’t get to the revamp. The link to the blog that I created way back in January, when I started the program and took INFO 203, is below.

    The short version of my bio is that I am mid-life (married with two kids and two dogs) and early career. After teaching and running an elementary school library, I just started a new job as a middle school teacher librarian and am really excited about it.

    Looking forward to a productive semester learning together!


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