SOTES Open Soon

Greetings all. Here is official information from the university about SOTES. I appreciate your feedback and participation in SOTEs.

Subject:     Spring 2017 SOTES (Student Opinion of Teaching Effectiveness)  will run from:  
Wednesday May 3rd – Tuesday May 16th. The dates are set by the University not by the School of Information.
The link to SOTES will appear after students login to on the day that SOTES open (May 3rd).  It will say: “Online SOTE Rating”
Please note:
There is an option for students to opt out at the end of each teaching evaluation. Opting out counts as completing the evaluation.
Here is an FAQ:
Here is the person to contact if there are problems
Stuart Ho ( in Institutional Effectiveness & Analytics (IEA)

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      I had to take a scenic drive around MySJSU to find the page, but it does indeed exist. It’s under the main menu on the far left side of the page. Click on “Online Course Evaluation.” 🙂

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