Useful Article: Incoming Student Checklist

Hello all – the website “Hack Library School” offers up a timely article related to starting an LIS graduate program. Take a look!

Surf the [librarian] web

Hello! You’re already doing this because you’re reading this blog! Library journals and blogs can provide you with conversations about current events in the field. Here are some blogs that HLS recommends for all types of librarianship. Familiarize yourself with your program’s website and your school’s library page(s). Stalk your professors a little bit and see which particular fields of librarianship they are interested in (it’s not creepy, I promise). Listen to library podcasts. Take in as much library-related media as you feel comfortable… or don’t! You don’t have to know everything (or anything) about libraries coming into your program. That’s why continuing education exists in the first place.

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