Welcome to Information-Seeking Behavior (Module 2)

Greetings and welcome to our focus on information behavior. Module 2 is where we start looking at theory and research on how people create, use and share information — a foundational characteristic of information communities. From studying the information seeking behaviors of varied and diverse populations to analyzing information activities in online settings, the importance of the exchange is foundational to understanding libraries, emerging information technologies and design, and the management of knowledge in organizations

Everyone should be settling in on our two WordPress sites. This one is our course site just for our section. The other is the full Community Site, where you’ll be blogging. REMINDER: Course requirements from the syllabus: Students will create blogs on the Community Site platform and an account on the section platform. This is required for success in this course. We will not be using Canvas as our learning community. The course site utilizes the WordPress software package to create an open, interactive environment for sharing and discourse. You must create an account on the site and publish an open blog on the platform but no one in class is required to share their full name, photo or any other details. This is a way for students to experience the emerging social nature of the web – similar systems are being used in library settings all over the world. Librarians are working, writing and sharing in open, online systems created for interaction with each other and with library users.The use of avatars and aliases is acceptable. Students will also be expected to use the section site and Community Site multiple times a week to stay up to date with readings, assignments, participation and blogging.

Action Items:
  • For this site: If you haven’t added a profile pic or avatar, please do so by editing your Profile under the top right hand menu on our site. Remember: you can use any image to represent yourself in class. I’d also suggest doing it at the LIBR 200 Community Site as well.
  • Be sure you are logged into to our section site to make use of all of the features.
  • Try using an @username to give another classmate a shout out or send me a public thought with @michael. See this page for more info.
  • You should have published your introductory post your Community Site (due last night at 5pm PT). Looking forward to exploring your posts.
  • Have you downloaded the OPML and tried a feed reader??
  • Please add these blogs to your reader or class workflows.
  • Do not miss the “Getting Started” for Choosing Your Community. read this helper post and related links closely.

Reflection Blogging Due Dates:

  • Blog Post #2: Description of Information Community you are choosing to explore for the course and the research paper. 9/17
  • Blog Post #3: Report on the information-seeking behavior and information needs of chosen community. 10/1
Major Assignment Due Dates: 

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