Welcome to Information Communities (Module 1)

Greetings all! Our first module begins today. This module explores the nature of information, definitions of community, and how communities form around information and knowledge sharing/creation.

You’ll find a lecture, readings and more. A description of the module requirements is here.

INFO 200 Section Site Postings:

  • Each week will begin with a “Welcome to…” post introducing the week’s module. It will contain vital information and action items for everyone. Due dates will be highlighted.
  • Some weeks will also include a separate “Getting Started…” post introducing a major assignment.
  • Other posts will highlight various content and helpers for the course.

Action Items:

  • If you haven’t added a profile pic or avatar, please do so by editing your Profile under the top right hand menu on our site. Remember: you can use any image to represent yourself in our class.
  • IMPORTANT: Be sure to share your blog URL for the upcoming OPML. I think you’ll really like using a newsreader or aggregator for class!
  • Please read this post about your blog and activity visibility at the Community Site.
  • Please join the Ask a Question and Course Site Help tribes.
  • Did you know you can use a “Twitter-like” @ username to address someone directly? Try it out!  I’m @michael
  • Start thinking about what book you’d like to read for the Book Review assignment.
  • Please say hello to @tamarafoster who is working with me on an INFO 298 course devoted to exploring WordPress. You will see her on our site as we work behind the scenes and she is helping with blogging tech support at the Community Site.

Reflection Blogging at the LIBR200 Community Site:

Due 9/3: Blog Post #1: Introduce yourself. Share whatever you’d like about your goals in our school and the profession as well as your background and interests. This can also be the same introductory post you created for 203. Note: Nothing to submit for blogging too Canvas. I will be monitoring feeds.

Major Assignment Due Dates: 

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