Welcome to the Course Wrap Up!

Greetings all! Can you believe we are at the end? I made a video for you. Please take a look:


Your final deliverable:

  • Blog Post #7: Personal reflection on information communities. 5/16

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22 thoughts on “Welcome to the Course Wrap Up!

  1. Profile photo of hflegel

    Thank you Michael. It was a pleasure learning from you, the course materials and from my classmates.

    Hope your summer is warm, prosperous and fun!
    Helen Flegel

  2. Profile photo of Joyce Peng

    I have really enjoyed this class and learned a lot. Thank you, Michael, for all of your help with the class assignments, your lovely lecture videos, and for being a great professor! I also really liked the readings and videos for this class, they were very informative.

    Have a great summer!

  3. Profile photo of Erin

    INFO 200 was such an amazing class, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you, Michael, for being such a great professor and providing such insightful course materials. It was a pleasure being in your class this semester.

    Have a wonderful summer!

  4. Profile photo of Trish Campbell

    @michael I wanted to thank you for your patience and guidance, all of your help and opportunities for learning so much more than I ever imagined I could. All the very best to you!

  5. Profile photo of Violet McCrigler

    Thank you for an amazing course, @michael! I learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m a little sad to be wrapping up, but excited to be moving forward in the program. 🙂

    1. Profile photo of Jani

      I agree, Violet – this has been an amazing course! Goodbyes are alway a little sad, but I feel sure I’m going to see many of you again in future courses. Wishing everyone the best as we move forward!

  6. Profile photo of Maishor Vue

    Thank you Michael for the support and feedbacks! This was a great course, and I think I am prepared to take on Info 285, although I am a bit nervous.

  7. Profile photo of Emily Moss

    I absolutely loved this class! I’m sad to leave it behind. Thank you so much @michael for such an engaging and rewarding semester. I really appreciate how you were so available and encouraging as we tackled some major writing challenges and the topic of information communities continues to fascinate me. Thank you again! Have a terrific summer.

  8. Profile photo of Jamie Fredericksen

    I want to add something original to all of the posts here but my thoughts and feelings echo almost every one! This learning opportunities and guidance you provided @michael were valuable and highly enjoyable. Thank you for pushing us and guiding us! It has been wonderful learning from my classmates as well. I feel that even though we’ll be deleted from the site, I may end up a “lurker” every now and then to the relevant happenings of Info 200.

    Best wishes to all!


  9. Profile photo of Xun Jiang

    Thank you Michael for such a inspiring class. I was sad to have missed your presentation at the 2016 FLLS Annual Meeting. The quotes that FLLS put on their Facebook gave me a whole new perspective on what we stand for as an information professional and as a library. I’m very glad that I found you on the course list and took this class. I have learned a lot from this class and will do my best to apply what I have learned.

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