Aimee Piper

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Aimee Piper

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Currently working with some dear family friends who have an online health supplement and vitamin company. I help around the shop, pack and ship vitamins all over the world, and listen to interesting podcasts every day.

Scholarly and Professional Interests

justice, equity, access, reading, art, maker spaces


Favorite Activities

I love to read, swim, travel, eat delicious food, laugh, and a couple of times each week I get to hang out with some of the raddest kids on the planet. I’m pretty sure they’re actually mentoring me.

Favorite TV Shows

I am more than ready to suspend my disbelief – so I really enjoy all kinds of fantastical shows. I’m currently enjoying NBC’s “Midnight, Texas” and am very much looking forward to the CW’s fall lineup and the return of Lucifer on Fox. Oh! And I’m a massive fan of John Oliver, Sam Bee, and Trevor Noah.

Favorite Movies

When I moved to eastern North Carolina and became a professional volunteer, my movie budget evaporated to what I could stream… I’ve always loved “The Goonies”, though.

Favorite Music

I enjoy a varied musical diet… I’m currently really loving The Head and the Heart who I first discovered while I lived in Israel. A blog I was following (RIP, GoogleReader) had a feature called “New Music Monday” that I just loved. I also love Misterwives and will get to see them next month. When I was in North Carolina, some local traditional musicians would get together and jam every week and they’d open the doors for fans and enthusiasts. It was delightful! If you like bluegrass music, I recommend that you check out the Beaufort County Traditional Music Association (BCTMA).

Favorite Quotes

“…it is by justice that we can authentically measure man’s value or his nullity… the absence of justice is the absence of what makes him man.” – Plato

From the Baha’i Writings:”Treasures lie hidden beneath the throne of God; the key to those treasures is the tongue of poets.” – The Bab

Favorite Books

I’m a pretty unapologetic fan of YA and the Harry Potter series, and,  since this is a judgment free zone, I’ll share that I also love the dictionary. Specifically the Oxford English Dictionary; my copy is the 3rd edition of the American version. I just love that the root of most words is provided – and that often will send me exploring whole other words and sections of the dictionary.

Favorite Websites

In no particular order: The Sartorialist, my old blog: A Day In The Life, Grapefruit Press, and the New York Times (but only 10x/per month).

Learning Experiences and Goals

Online Learning

Between friends, I’ve never taken an online class. When I worked as a super green paralegal in LA, all of the attorneys I supported were on the east coast. My trying to learn the intricacies of that job with no one around I could ask questions of was remarkably frustrating for everyone involved. I do appreciate the embedded flexibility of such a learning opportunity and am hopeful that this time will be different!