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    I read and enjoyed Tom Perrotta’s new book, Mrs. Fletcher, this summer. He also wrote Election, The Leftovers and Little Children. If you like dark, funny and contemporary, he’s good. I also just finished Still Life with Tornado, by A.s. King. I read a lot of YA, mostly because I love it, but also for my job.

    @dianarivers, I love The Namesake……[Read more]

    • Hi Molly! Wow, cool about our favorites. The Namesake amazes me each time I read it. I am sorry they made it into a movie though. I love Hornby too, though I found his latest books rather unreadable. 🙁 I think I read Little Children a long time ago and didn’t love it, but maybe I will give Perrotta another chance! How was Still Life with…[Read more]

      • I didn’t even know that The Namesake had been adapted! I don’t remember it being particularly cinematic…

        I think if you weren’t fond of Little Children, you might want to stay away from Mrs. Fletcher, but who knows. I think Perrotta’s work hangs together thematically and in tone.

        I keep seeing What to Say Next; let us know if you like it.…[Read more]

        • Wow, the blurb about Still Life with Tornado makes it sound fascinating! Yes, I will report on What to Say Next. I’m also reading A Gentleman in Moscow. Great so far. Contagious, which is my pick for this class’s book review, is awesome too!

  • I am interested in researching tattoo enthusiasts, I recently got my first tattoo and I’m already itching to get another one! Other communities I would be interested in looking at are Harry Potter or Disney fans.

    • Hi @michaelajacobson You might be able to frame tattoo enthusiasts with some of our information theories but locating applicable LIS research might prove elusive. Any fan-based explorations – Disney, Harry Potter, etc – would be very interesting. I could see the work of Henry Jenkins coming into play as well as research related to online…[Read more]

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    Glad you started this one, Diana! I was about to do so myself. Here is my goodreads account: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/8497833-nicki

    I’m currently reading “The Cellar” by Natasha Preston. It’s alright so far. I’m barely 100 pages in so hopefully it picks up soon.

    • Yay! I think we were in 203 together, right @visona03? Thanks for joining this tribe! Do you abandon books you don’t like? I do but my sister doesn’t…I find it interesting whether people do or don’t.

      • I think we were in that section together, yes! Your name looked familiar. I believe we chatted about your pup!

        I never used to put down a book I wasn’t enjoying until recently, actually. I have a specific goodreads shelf called “nope”. It is pretty rare that I will put down a book, though. I’ve realized that my time is worth more than a book I’m…[Read more]

        • I love the idea of the “nope” shelf. Some people post “dnf” for did not finish…i wish they had that as a formal option on the site!

          • ah “dnf”! that’s a good way to describe it. I noticed goodreads (or at least it was that way when I first started on the site) doesn’t allow you to use spaces in your shelves so “nope” was the most accurate way I could describe it. I agree with you, goodreads should look into making that a formal option. I bet a ton of users would find that helpful.

  • It may be because we’ll be under an extreme heat advisory here in SoCal and I’m longing for sweater weather, but I’m obsessed with this gem from Simon and Garfunkel: The Only Living Boy in New York.

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    My Introduction to INFO 200

    Hello! I am a second semester MLIS student here at SJSU. Prior to the start of my time at San Jose State, I received an undergraduate degree in Film from the University of California, Berkeley. I live in the Bay Area and currently work as a Library Aide at the Oakland Public Library, in Oakland CA. As someone…[Read more]

  • With fall comes the Bay Area’s gem of the Bridge School Benefit, host to a wide variety of artists all for a good cause. Unfortunately, for the first time in 30 years, it is NOT happening this year. Here’s a favorite performance (not my video) in which Eddie Vedder nods to the community of the Bridge School Benefit artists as he introduces Chris…[Read more]

  • Note – you can paste in a YouTube URL as I did below and our site will display it. 🙂

    Here’s one more:

    • I’m on vacation in MN and just saw Stevie at the state fair on Friday! She had so many amazing stories, lots about her and Prince, and I guess her ex-husband (who is from MN) was in the audience She was geeking out and so excited to be there. I want to be her best friend forever.