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    Hi guys! Just trying to talk through my ideas here, to see if I can strike gold, or find something substantial. I’m thinking about exploring the information seeking behaviors of Alternative Spiritualists. The umbrella term “Alternative Spiritualists”, for the purposes of my brainstorming, encompasses information users curious about the practices, rituals, and general ins-and-outs of religions, or spiritual groups, other than the widely recognized creeds of the world ( which in my opinion are: Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam). First off, does this seem like a topic worthy of exploration for research this semester? Should I broaden the topic to include inquisitors of spirituality in general (those interested in alternative faiths as well as those interested in “mainstream” religions? Should I, instead , narrow my topic down to focus on inquisitors of only one “alternative” spirituality such as wicca, or satanism etc?
    Another subject I wouldn’t mind researching would be the “Magick” enthusiasts, (those interested in ancient magickal practices both as a faith and as a general topic.)
    All criticisms very welcome! Thank you for your help guys, and good luck to us all!!!

    • Hi @glasshour! I don’t feel like I have enough subject knowledge, as this is my first semester, but I think your idea is really cool! I would be interested in others’ takes on it, especially @michael!

    • @glasshour Both of these communities are fascinating. My hesitation is making you sure you can find applicable research into the info needs and behaviors of the group. Broadening out might be good – the information community of those who are spiritual — but that may be a bit removed from your original interest. An individual religion – wicca, satanism – would work with the idea that you’d look for broader research and then apply it to your specific group. The online community aspect of all the options you lay out would be fascinating as well – and you could pull in a ton of research on info behavior online AND info behavior of religion groups online. I hope this is helpful. Perhaps give it some thought – and keep in mind one thing that might help you decide is this from the Choosing Your Community helper:

      Research of a community that has captured the curiosity of other information professionals will yield results more readily than research of an especially obscure community.

      • Thank you for the feedback, Dr. Stephens!
        I do think I will expand my info community so I can first assess the needs of a larger information community. I feel it will be more fulfilling, and influential to have an understanding of the needs of a larger community in the area of interest first so that I will have a foundation of understanding when approaching a more specialised info community further on. This will do a better service to both the larger interest group, as well as the specialist, or enthusiast, interest group.
        I will do my best to get this together! Thank you again for you help!!