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    I’ve been thinking a lot about the community I want to focus on and I’m leaning towards the Supernatural Fandom. I know it’s a long standing and still going community though I only have loose ties to it. @michael is this a good choice? I’m trying for something a little out of the box and I’m not sure if it’ll be a good community for the purposes of this class.

    • @gwynethevans Do you mean those interested in the supernatural? That sounds good – you’ll find the serious leisure stuff useful, as well as the work of Henry Jenkins.

      • Supernatural is a TV show with a pretty large and active following, here is their wiki page:

        I was also interested in maybe focusing on, like you said, “those interested in the supernatural” but I thought that might be too broad.

        • Doh! That was my second thought. For sure look at Henry Jenkins and his work on fan culture. I just finished the return of Twin Peaks (long time fan) so I am very interested in the information behaviors of fan communities. You may not find much about Supernatural specifically in LIS research but broader topics of fans, etc would work. And all of our Mods 2 & 3 theories as well.

          • Will do, thank you!

            I’ve never seen Twin Peaks but I’m told it was great and that the return episodes didn’t disappoint! It’s always nice to revisit some of your favorite characters and have the second go be on par with the first. 🙂