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    @michael I see I have two profile (@name) names for each of the two sites we use. Is this correct? The Info 200 community site is @lyonsj and the 200 specific to our class is @jayelene. Do I need to worry about this? It looks like my blog site only shows up on the Info 200 community and not on the class-specific one.

    • Hello @jayelene That is correct. The two accounts coexist but your blog doesn’t show up at our section site. The Community Site happens to run on the same software that I use for my course sites. Other instructors use other platforms for their sections of 200 (Canvas, Google sites, etc) You are in good shape. I have your blog in the OPML and all the class should see it.

      • Thanks for keeping me informed, I am new at sites and blogs.

        • @jayelene You are welcome! No worries about being new – this is how we learn. This blogging experience (and our section site) is meant to immerse students in the platforms libraries are using. WordPress is one of many in use buy info organizations.