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    Alright people. I figured out how to format header and page # on opposite sides of my paper BUT who knows how to make a hanging APA reference? Harry Potter? I just finished my correspondence course from Hogwarts and they never covered this (lol). Paper turned in so this it looking to the future 🙂

    • Ahh the hanging indent! I have struggled myself. Are you using Word, Pages (on Mac), or…?

      • If you are using Google Docs, I’ve found highlighting the cite and using the ruler on the top of the page. The arrow pointing down is for indenting what you’ve highlighted and the line above it controls the first line. If you indent the whole thing and move the line back it will do a hanging indent.
        For word, you highlight, right click your mouse, click paragraph, then in the section titled ‘indentation’ click the special pulldown, finally select hanging.
        Hope this helped.

    • I’ve found another (weird) way to do it in Google docs, too. Write your citation. Then, go to the beginning of the second line (the one you want to indent). Press delete or backspace so that it merges with the first line. Then press enter. Then indent. It will easily let you indent both your second and third lines, now. I don’t know why it works, but it does. Annoying, but effective.

    • THIS IS GREAT! Thank you everyone 🙂