Kirsten Schilling

Required Information


Kirsten Schilling

Professional Information

Employer Name

Center for Sacramento History

Job Title

Artifacts Inventory – graduate intern

Job Description

For the Fall 2017 semester, I will be learning to catalog and organize the Center’s artifacts. I thought this would provide me with some great experience for my Special Collections emphasis.

Scholarly and Professional Interests

Art History Museums Medieval Manuscripts Rare Books Herbals Special Collections Archives


Favorite Activities

I love writing, and am an avid cook. I’ve also been a professional botanical perfumer for the past seventeen years, a business I started when inspired by some old herbals and period recipes I’d come across. I love to go to museums, and I love to watch art house, independent, and foreign films. I used to study and speak French. Currently I’m pretty rusty but I’m a member of the Sacramento Alliance Francaise and hope to take one of their winter classes to brush up.

Favorite TV Shows

I love British comedies, and I also love British murder mysteries like Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple (Joan Dickson!) I’m also a huge fan of the Australian program Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

Favorite Movies

I have a long running list… impossible to name just one.



A Room with a View

Howard’s End

Babette’s Feast

Like Water for Chocolate

Bread and Tulips

(it goes on and on and on…)