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    These are the info communities that I am considering: teen parents, reluctant readers, alternative high school students, home school families, migrant students, 1st or 2nd generation Mexican American students, foster children, and students with ADD. I’m leaning towards teen parents as an info community.

    • @krjones Teen parents sounds good. It will bring in research in the info field related to teens, parenting and perhaps even virtual community stuff. The resources libraries create might be interesting too as you get to the research paper stage. Module 4 will help you see what literature there is in LIS related to the group.

    • Hi Kimberley, I was in your shoes, interested in a lot of different communities. I guess the easiest thing to think about a community whose information needs I could pretty easily predict (although I know I’ll modify my focus as I go along).

      • The reluctant reader community seems interesting. I feel like this is a community many education professionals would like research on, ( i.e. how to best reach out to students, or to encourage literacy/ text comprehension productivity etc.)
        Also, I’m crazy about your list of prospective topics. I have no imagination or creativity lately! 🙂 Best wishes!