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    Here is my goodreads account: I have been reading Dracula but for some reason it just isn’t holding my interest, which is weird because I love spooky/horror books!

    • That is interesting! Did you watch Interview with the Vampire? I’ve never seen it but am kind of interested, especially to see how dated it appears, hahaha! I think I was in middle school when it came out, and I remember how popular it was! Haha.

      • I *loved* Interview with the Vampire when I read the book in Middle School a long, long time ago…:) Didn’t make it through all of the sequels… I remember not loving the movie, having nurtured my own versions of Louis and Lestat… Now I recommend Holly Black’s Coldest Girl in Coldtown for vampire-loving teens. Have you guys read that?

      • I did watch Interview with a Vampire when I was in high school, I honestly can’t remember if I liked it or not! I’ll have to try reading the books.