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    I’m a new middle school teacher librarian and am keenly interested in issues of diversity and inclusion. I started this course wondering if the We Need Diverse Books movement might make a good community to study… If that’s perhaps not right, maybe tween/teen readers, book fandoms, teen services librarians, picture book creators, or, switching gears, dog rescue networks.

    I see that people have successfully studied nerdfighters and Harry Potter fans, both fandoms that I’m interested in; would I need to stay away from these communities because they’ve already been studied?

    • Hi @mollygee – these are good choices. the Diverse Books group might prove a bit difficult to find peer-reviewed research as might the creators of picture books (perhaps broaden out to illustrators or similar?). Dog rescue networks sound interesting (as a dog rescuer …). There are no restrictions on previous researched topics as well because everyone brings their own POVs to the work.