• Molly Gould posted an update in the tribe Tribe logo of Whatcha Readin'?Whatcha Readin'? 1 week, 2 days ago

    Hey, I use Good Reads to track my reading, but have never really gotten into the social networking side of it… What do you think: should I start now?

    • I think it is great…occasionally I have even friended random people b/c I agreed with/liked a review of theirs, and then it led me down a path of reading their other views and finding books that way! Albeit, I did this more before our classes started, hahaha!

    • Nicki replied 1 week ago

      Same as @dianarivers. I originally started with tracking what I was reading, the yearly goodreads challenge (21 out of 30 this year, so far!), and keeping track of books I wanted to read and books that I already own (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone into a bookstore only to walk out with a book I already own because I thought it looked really interesting…so interesting I already bought it, hah!). But now, I have a few more friends that I will occasionally chat with, read their reviews, etc.