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    I’ve started thinking about some options:
    -library users who live in rural communities
    -booklr (an online community through Tumblr)
    -marvel universe fans
    -users of formspring, sarahah, or other anonymous submission technologies
    -people who use public transportation in large cities
    -people who use meal prep services

    I need to do some further research on if these communities fit the characteristics.

    Anyone else have ideas?

    • @visona03 These are all good to consider. Perhaps work through module 1 this week and Module 2 next and see what you think. I just worked on a post that will go up next week called “Getting Started…” with the choice. There is time, so ponder and take in the module info etc. There are helpers etc to guide you.

      • I was doing some preliminary searches for my communities above and wasn’t finding a whole lot of research, peer-reviewed or otherwise. I did stumble (encounter?) on to an entirely different community, however, by reading through others’ posts – LGBT people living in rural areas or, more specifically, lesbians in rural areas. I’m wondering if that would pose any issues as I am living in a rural area and identify as queer. I would love your thoughts @michael