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    Glad you started this one, Diana! I was about to do so myself. Here is my goodreads account:

    I’m currently reading “The Cellar” by Natasha Preston. It’s alright so far. I’m barely 100 pages in so hopefully it picks up soon.

    • Yay! I think we were in 203 together, right @visona03? Thanks for joining this tribe! Do you abandon books you don’t like? I do but my sister doesn’t…I find it interesting whether people do or don’t.

      • I think we were in that section together, yes! Your name looked familiar. I believe we chatted about your pup!

        I never used to put down a book I wasn’t enjoying until recently, actually. I have a specific goodreads shelf called “nope”. It is pretty rare that I will put down a book, though. I’ve realized that my time is worth more than a book I’m not getting anything from.

        • I love the idea of the “nope” shelf. Some people post “dnf” for did not finish…i wish they had that as a formal option on the site!

          • ah “dnf”! that’s a good way to describe it. I noticed goodreads (or at least it was that way when I first started on the site) doesn’t allow you to use spaces in your shelves so “nope” was the most accurate way I could describe it. I agree with you, goodreads should look into making that a formal option. I bet a ton of users would find that helpful.