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    My Introduction to INFO 200

    Hello! I am a second semester MLIS student here at SJSU. Prior to the start of my time at San Jose State, I received an undergraduate degree in Film from the University of California, Berkeley. I live in the Bay Area and currently work as a Library Aide at the Oakland Public Library, in Oakland CA. As someone relatively new to the program who is eager to learn and to grow as a developing purveyor of the Library and Information Sciences, I am prone toward considering many potential roads before me, in terms of where a prospective MLIS degree might take me in the future.
    I have often considered the possibilities attached to careers as a librarian within public library or university settings. I have also frequently visualized that I might one day fulfill a role as a media archivist, earnestly plying my trade in service to a cinematheque, music library, online archive or other setting performing meaningful work in the field. Regardless of where I might one day land professionally, I find the extant & generalized librarian/archivist’s professional role of serving as a responsible preserver and curatorial guardian of cultural material to be a solemn and crucial duty, and strongly, personally believe in the need to accurately represent and preserve media of all stripes in a thoughtful, holistic, and comprehensive and respectful manner, in all of its great complexity for future generations to observe, weigh and consider.

    Returning to the personal sphere, I am a husband to a wonderful wife and father to an incredible seven year-old son who, incidentally, began second grade this week as I similarly transitioned back into academic life from the business and fun of Summer (and despite not seeing much through the cloudiness of the East Bay morning during the recent solar eclipse). I am looking forward to a great semester! Nice to meet you all!