Module Fourteen: Creation Culture


An emphasis on creativity and expression pervades recent publications with a socio-technical focus. In Cognitive Surplus, Clay Shirky argues that the Web and other technologies offer a means to easily share creative endeavors. Digital tools make audio, video, and other multimedia creations possible. With the advent of makerspaces and 3d printing, the concept of creation takes on a new dimension: machines allow us to conceive, design and “print” a tangible object.  Libraries and other information environments are exploring offerings that assist and instruct users on how to create. Cory Doctorow writes “Public libraries have always been places where skilled information professionals assisted the general public with the eternal quest to understand the world” and maker spaces are a logical extension of that mission.

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Doctorow, C. (2013, February 24). Libraries, hackspaces and e-waste: How libraries can be the hub of a young maker revolution [Web log post]. Raincoast Books. Retrieved from