Module Seven: User Experience: Introduction

This week, we will explore the importance of user experience. Aaron Schmidt, author of the monthly Library Journal column “User Experience” writes: “Every touchpoint, or place that someone can come into contact with your library or its services, is fair game for evaluating how it fits into the experience you’re giving your users.”  How can we craft friendly, engaging, and useful interactions within our services and spaces?  Aaron provides an engaging, in-depth look at the topic in his lecture.

Michael’s Intro Video:

Aaron Schmidt Lecture:


Things to Read:

Note: Some of the articles you will be reading this term were published years ago, (sometimes decades ago!) but because they are foundational pieces, and because this is a foundational class, we are assigning them so that you know the important articles in our field to which many more recent articles will refer.


Things to Explore:


Schmidt, A. (2010, January 15). New column launch: The user experience [Web log post]. Library Journal.  Retrieved from