➡️➡️➡️➡️Blog Reports #3 & #4 & Sources Survey Extensions

Hey all and greetings from my jet lagged brain  – a reminder – if you need extra days for #3 and #4, please take them! I am not counting either of them late.

  • Blog Post #3: Report on the information-seeking behavior and information needs of chosen community. DUE: 10/02 — have it in by Friday the 7th
  • Blog Post #4: Summarize one of the peer-reviewed articles relating to your information community you’ve found. DUE: 10/09 –have it in by the 14th

AND – please take extra days for the Sources Survey. I want everyone to be successful in class and turn in ;polished work aligned with assignment expectations.

Image: Michael at Loch Ness

12 thoughts on “➡️➡️➡️➡️Blog Reports #3 & #4 & Sources Survey Extensions

  1. Rebecca Biega

    Braw! Slàinte Mhath!
    (According to Google “braw’ is a Scottish word for “all things nice, brilliant and fantastic.”
    And “Slàinte Mhath” is like “cheers” used for both ‘to your health’ and ‘thanks.’ Can you corroborate @michael?)
    Hopefully you get the gist — thank you ever so much for for the flexible deadline schedule.
    I hope that you are having a wonderful trip. It looks like my favorite kind of weather.

  2. Savannah Polizzi

    Thank you @michael for your deadline extensions, as always! When I saw that we had work time this week for Module 8, I was over the moon. I definitely need the the flexibility to catch up (and I’m sure others agree) after using a great deal of time these last few weeks for group work in INFO 202 and 204.

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      @savannahpolizzi this makes me very happy. This was a new thing for a revamp of info 200 this summer we actually dropped a module that is also covered in 204 because I thought research and study week would give everybody that little breathing room that you probably need. I appreciate this feedback.

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