Month: February 2021

Useful Article on Serious Leisure

Hey all – shout out to @taylorkaplan for sharing this article in the Assignment Q & A Group. If you are looking at serious leisure etc please take a look: The Serious Leisure Frontier in Library and Information Science: Hobby Domains Jenna Hartel I am loving this table:

Context Book Review Extension

Greetings everyone – I am working through your Blog Post #2 entries. I am impressed with the early research some of you have done as well as the thoughtful connections many of you made to our course content. But – I also got to thinking… There is a lot going on right now in our […]

Reflection Blogging Grading & More

Some thoughts for all related to a question I had about our reflective blogging assignment as you work on Post #3 and beyond. Start getting very serious about weaving your peer reviewed sources and studies you are finding into your posts. That will set you up to have draft chunks of your paper. Utilizing a […]