Month: March 2021

Cedar Rapids Public Library Video Tour

Hey all – I put together a little video about my tour and time at Cedar Rapids Public Library. I went there to speak at the library’s staff development day. It was my last speaking trip before the pandemic. It seems so long ago! View video– Web version Download video podcast Download lecture slides This […]

Reading List Update

Greetings all! @hana had a great question about our readings and resources list. I contacted our library liaisons. Here is what DeeAnn Tran shared: The full reading list is here. You can export a list using the menu option: Here is a PDF version of all of the course resources in Leganto for SP 2021: INFO200SP2021Readings […]

Research-Based vs Community-based – Thoughts?

A helpful comparison developed by a student in INFO 200 a few semesters ago that can guide you as you select your resources: A Research-based information source is: • Published by experts or academics • Intended for use by many different people (community members, academics, etc.) • One-way communication (from expert to reader) • Provides […]

Models! Models!

Hey all -I was thinking about your last two Blog Reports and all the connections made to information theories ands models. There were a few that were new to me! If you are inclined – and I think this will help everyone – please share a model or theory you cited in your work, discovered […]

New Research Article on Librarian’s Professional Learning Experiences

Hello – Just for interest: I am thrilled to have a new article published this month. The Strategic, Curious & Skeptical Learner : Australian Public Librarians and Professional Learning Experiences This study used narrative inquiry to investigate the experiences of Australian public librarians with professional learning and development. Twelve librarians currently working in public libraries […]