Month: April 2021

Download This!

sunrise in the woods

A student shared this: I’ve found this pretty helpful while working on the paper: I would suggest downloading as you format your work! Image: Sunrise in the woods

Second Moderna Shot

Hey all – I am a bit off today with chills, aches, and low energy. Please email me directly if you need anything. My plan is to be back on track tomorrow. 🙂 Image: Post it of the time we could leave the drive through vaccine clinic after the 💉

Global Blog Report

Hey all – I want to let everyone know that the globally focused post can come from any resource you find related to your information community and how they might be served by information professionals in other parts of the world. Use the articles in the global module for inspiration. Take a look at the […]

Submitting a Research Paper Draft Outline

Hello all – For this part of the research paper process: Students will have the opportunity to submit a draft of their paper to the instructor for formal feedback up to one week prior to the final due date. Students can then incorporate this feedback into the final version of their paper submitted for grading. […]

Welcome to Module 11: Teaching and Learning

Greetings all! Now we turn our attention to librarians and information professionals encouraging and supporting learning for their communities. The exchange of information and knowledge within communities of learners is an area ripe for exploration.  How people learn, what motivates them, and how we can assess them are viable questions for information professionals.