4 thoughts on “Article PDF: The Serious Leisure Frontier in Library and Information Science: Hobby Domains

  1. Marilyn

    Dear @michael (Professor Stephens),
    I am reading articles by both Jenna Hartel and Robert Stebbins on SLP for my paper. Hartel credits Stebbins for coining the phrase “serious leisure” in 1982, but she has also developed and written a great deal. And, of course, they both mention one another (and themselves) and still others in their articles. I’m having trouble, then, in answering the prompt of who developed the theory. Stebbins is earlier; Hartel appeals to me more, and she has the cool charts. I think I discuss them both as leaders in the field then?

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      Hello @wordswordswords – This is a fun question! Stebbins was the scholar who originated the phrase and concept in his field. Hartel was the one who brought it into the realm of Information Science. I think it would be fine to note Stebbins originated the concepts but use Hartel for the most of your work. Her videos are amazing too!

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