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About Michael Stephens

Dr. Michael Stephens is an Assistant Professor in the School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University. His research focuses on use of emerging technologies in libraries and technology learning programs. He currently writes the monthly column “Office Hours” in Library Journal exploring issues, ideas and emerging trends in library and information science education. Stephens has spoken about emerging technologies, innovation, and libraries to audiences in over 26 states and in nine countries. He is fascinated by library buildings and virtual spaces that center around users, participation, creating content, and encouraging the heart. As a professional he worked 15 years in public libraries.

Assignment Q & A Recording!

Thanks to all who attended! We covered a lot of ground with the Sources Survey, LRM and more.  Hope the questions highlighted the way to navigate the assignments to culminate at the research paper. Please be sure to view this recording for a deep dive on the assignments.

Thoughts on Future Assignments

Greetings all! I just finished grading all the submitted LIS Theory/Model Assignment. Overall, everyone did very well. You’ll find your scores in Canvas. I was super impressed with the summaries that offered strong connections to information science theory and models and other resources from our course. This will continue to be expected in the remaining […]

Reminder: Writing Group!

Thanks to a former 200 student for creating the Writing Group. Click the link and join if you would like! Connect with fellow students to workshop our writing for class. Kindly share and solicit advice, feedback, and tips to help us all achieve our writing goals.  

Making Use of Pew Research

Hey all – You may find Pew Research or Pew Internet & Tech very useful for your community descriptions in the formal assignments. Their research can be very useful for background and supporting demographic data, data on technology use and access, etc. For example: Key findings about U.S. immigrants  

Getting Started with…Literature Review Matrix

The Literature Review Matrix is intended to be critical exploration and evaluation of scholarly writings on a topic(in this case, your information community). In your formal research paper, the literature review provides context and background for your own study and illustrates how your research will contribute to a particular area of study.This assignment meets the […]