Behind the Curtain

Hey all – I want to introduce you to three INFO 298 students who are working with me on an immersive WordPress and learning content experience!

Please say hello to @melissakemp@matwater213and @strxan! @matwater213 will be the lead behind the scenes for our INFO 200 experience. We will be fine tuning the info architecture etc.

@strxan is lead over at The Hyperlinked Library class I also teach and @melissakemp is doing a deep dive on setting up archives and WP!

Image: Red Curtains 🦉

11 thoughts on “Behind the Curtain

    1. Sarah Wargin (she/her)

      Hi Michele,
      I’m looking ahead to Module 3 for INFO 200, and normally there are Things to Read, View, and Explore.
      The “Things to View” seems to be missing on this module? I’m not sure if that’s something you can check on? Thank you!

  1. Melissa

    Greetings everyone! Nice to meet all of you. I am a MARA student here to learn more about archives WordPress applications. I love WordPress. Feel free to ask me anything. Good luck and enjoy.

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