7 thoughts on “Cedar Rapids Public Library Video Tour

      1. Aaron Tassin

        Yeah, lots of smarts went into that building. When I saw the flat roof my first thought was show load. Guess that isn’t as big of an issue as rain. Put the same building in the Southwest, and they will use the rainwater for irrigation. Neat stuff.

  1. Jen

    Really enjoyed this lecture. Thank you for sharing. I’m so glad the Cedar Rapids Library was able to rebuild. The new location is incredible. It’s so progressive and inviting! I love the idea of an “unconference room.” And the children’s space–so fun!!

  2. Samantha Hoffens

    I really liked this video about your time at the Cedar Rapids Public Library. I shared some of this info with a few of my friends and it started an interesting discussion about the technology and impact that libraries have had on us- from when we were kids to now adults. Thanks for this! Now I need to visit this library one day.

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