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Greetings everyone – I just finished your Blog Post #2 entries. I am impressed with the early research some of you have done as well as the thoughtful connections many of you made to our course content. But – I also got to thinking… There is a lot going on right now in our world.  I have decided to offer an extension on the assignment as a special gift so we can all have a little more time.

New due date: September 23rd by 5pm PT

That said, be mindful of the assignment requirements and read these carefully:

Action Items:

  • Finish reading the book you selected from the list on the assignment page.
  • Read the assignment page and rubric for expectations and requirements.
  • Consider how your chosen book relates to key course themes, information science theories, and other course readings, as well as the research you have started doing on your information community.
  • Check out book review examples in the Assignments Synthesis Examples.
  • Use the Assignment Helper: Book Review to help you write your book review.
  • Be sure to proof your writing for clarity as you share your ideas and connections.
  • Publish your book review as a blog post. Include a list of references. Also consider including any images, video, or other media to complement your review.
  • Be sure to also submit the url of your book review to Canvas so your book review can be graded.

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