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Greetings everyone – I just finished your Blog Post #2 entries. I am impressed with the early research some of you have done as well as the thoughtful connections many of you made to our course content. But – I also got to thinking… There is a lot going on right now in our world.  I have decided to offer an extension on the assignment as a special gift so we can all have a little more time.

New due date: September 23rd by 5pm PT

That said, be mindful of the assignment requirements and read these carefully:

Action Items:

  • Finish reading the book you selected from the list on the assignment page.
  • Read the assignment page and rubric for expectations and requirements.
  • Consider how your chosen book relates to key course themes, information science theories, and other course readings, as well as the research you have started doing on your information community.
  • Check out book review examples in the Assignments Synthesis Examples.
  • Use the Assignment Helper: Book Review to help you write your book review.
  • Be sure to proof your writing for clarity as you share your ideas and connections.
  • Publish your book review as a blog post. Include a list of references. Also consider including any images, video, or other media to complement your review.
  • Be sure to also submit the url of your book review to Canvas so your book review can be graded.

9 thoughts on “Context Book Review Extension

        1. Diana Saint James

          I have posted my review but, but beyond feeling a bit rushed to complete it, I must admit I am quite nervous about submitting my first graded assignment in INFO 200. Having been away from college for more than 40 years, are my writing and critical thinking skills up to par with my fellow graduate school students? I look forward to your feedback on how I can improve and where I need to focus.

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