3 thoughts on “Cool Stuff: We Need Librarians… Video

  1. Mirtha Lopez

    Yesterday, I was helping a class with a research project. As soon as I logged into the meeting students started asking when they could come to the library again. They miss having access to the books and the space. This video sums it up well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Samia Khattab

    I couldn’t agree more with everything that was said in this video! I wish every school superintendent was required to watch it–many think all we do it check out books and use the DDC. Sadly, so many of our high school students here in Oakland get to college without every having had a librarian help them navigate the tools needed for research and critical thinking. My students really miss the library too, Mirtha, but luckily the public library is stepping up to partner with schools and provide curbside pickup.

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