Don’t Miss the Post #2 Helper & Examples

Hi all – As you work on your Reflection Blogging Post #2, don’t forget about the helper page for all of our blog posts and the assignment synthesis examples. These resources may serve as inspiration as you craft the description of your chosen community.

Blog Post #2: Describe the Information Community you are choosing to explore for the course and the research paper. Utilize Fisher & Bishop’s definition and characteristics of Information Communities to describe your choice to the class.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Miss the Post #2 Helper & Examples

    1. Megan Ward


      Hi Diana,

      I think I can answer your question. Professor Stephens wrote that for this blog we don’t need to post the link to the blog post here:

      It said under the title “Submission”:

      “Because we use feeds and readers for this section of 200, individual post URL submissions are not required. Twice during the semester, you will submit your blog URL to Canvas for grading. Blogging is a cumulative grade.”

      I hope this helps!

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