Downloading all the Hirsh Text Chapters Needed

Hey all – a reminder:

The publishers have limited access to the newest edition of Information Services Today to only 6 Simultaneous Users ūüėź. This means that only 6 people can view it online at the same time.¬† However, the publishers will let you bypass this limitation and download several chapters per day for free as PDFs. The total daily limit is 270 pages, but sometimes it may appear as 202.¬† You¬†can save the PDFs¬†to your own device to read whenever you want, never having to worry about the 6 user limit.

The download limit of 270 (or 202) pages resets after 24 hours. Because there are many students who use Information Services Today, we recommend that you download the pages/chapters you need and then exit the ebook site as soon as you can. By doing this, other students will be able to access the ebook. You can always return after 24 hours to download more chapters once the download limit has reset.

To download chapters, follow the steps…

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