Extension for Information Sources Survey & Blog Report #3

Hey all – We mentioned this in our assignment chat. If anyone needs extra days past March 26 for the Information Sources Survey, please take them! This will be a blanket extension for all.

I am working through your Blog Report #3s and WOW they are good so far! I am thrilled with all the literature you have found and the application of our theories and models.

I will be reading and grading over the next few days. Remember you have an extension for Blog Report #4 too.

Image: Serious Leisure diagram

2 thoughts on “Extension for Information Sources Survey & Blog Report #3

  1. Daisy Griffin

    @michael Thanks for all your encouragement, feedback on the assignments, and extra time on the due dates. This is my first class in grad school, and it is, in fact, much harder to get back into the groove of juggling the classwork with a full-time job and family obligations than I expected. Thank you for giving the support and grace to make it possible.

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