Action Items: Getting Started with INFO 200

Greetings all!

Here are some Action Items to get us started with INFO 200.

  1. If you haven’t already create your account on our section site (that’s here!):
  • Start here:
  • Fill in your name, username, e-mail, and create a strong password. You are free to use a pseudonym, but please tell me who you are!
  • Enter in the registration code. Use the code I shared on our course Canvas site.

2. Check out these videos that will help you get started in optimizing and rounding out your experience in INFO 200.

In these videos, I’ll take you through various areas of our INFO 200 course site and talk a bit about the class and the assignments.  Important: All of the course modules include the following sections:

  • Things to Read
    The required readings explore topics you are expected to understand and incorporate into your assignments for all modules in the course.
  • Things to View
    The assigned and required media-based presentations extend your knowledge and offer new dimensions to the topics.
  • Things to Explore
    These materials are optional enhancements to the course content that offer more insight into the module topics.

3. Read and view further information about the Blog Reports assignment:

4. Share your Community Site blog URL here.

5. Download “Tips for Coursework.” Dr. Linda Schamber, formerly of the University of North Texas School of Library and Information Science, developed a helpful guide for citation and writing style. I have regularly used this source since I went to school there and hope you find it useful too! We use APA 7th edition however, so please check for accurate APA 7th edition citation style. TipsForCoursework

5. Get involved and make some contacts with fellow students:

Head over to our “Icebreaker” group, join and share! You will also find other ready-made groups to join including  Course Site Help. The Groups feature of our site allows any member to create a group for folks of similar interest. Try it out!

Note:: Be sure you are logged into to our section site to make use of all of the social and commenting features. There will many opportunities to discuss assignments forthcoming.

Also, there’s an icebreaker for all INFO 200 students here at the Community Site!

Have fun exploring! I would suggest completing these action items before we start our first module. Check the course schedule here.

Also — Please email me directly at if you have questions. Or private message me on this site. Canvas email is not the friendliest for archiving messages, etc IMHO!  Please do not use Canvas for messages to me.


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