Getting Started with… the LIS Model/Theory Research Summary

This “Getting Started” post will help you with:

  • LIS Model/Theory Research Summary: Students will select an LIS theory or model from a list provided and write a research summary on the topic. The summary will include a brief statement identifying the theory or model of interest, how it might apply to the chosen community, and what related studies have utilized the theory or model as a framework.

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2 thoughts on “Getting Started with… the LIS Model/Theory Research Summary

  1. Arianna Scott

    Hi @michael! I have a question about the part in the LIS Model/Theory assignment helper that states: “List the other scholars who have used the model or theory as a framework in their research.” Are we referring to scholars who have written about our chosen information community, or other scholars who have referenced the theory in their own work about other information communities? I read the available LIS Model/Theory examples from the Synthesis page and it almost seems as if either/or is acceptable, but I want to be sure!

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