Getting Started with… the LIS Model/Theory Research Summary

This “Getting Started” post will help you with:

  • LIS Model/Theory Research Summary: Students will select an LIS theory or model from a list provided and write a research summary on the topic. The summary will include a brief statement identifying the theory or model of interest, how it might apply to the chosen community, and what related studies have utilized the theory or model as a framework.

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One thought on “Getting Started with… the LIS Model/Theory Research Summary

  1. Becky Steenburg

    It seems to me that a good approach to choosing a model/theory would be to choose two or three prospects and then do some reading in each one to see how it’s been defined and used. The impending due date is a stressor for me, but I know there is plenty of time. It’s like eating an elephant, right? one bite at a time…
    (fyi, I would never eat an elephant, just a figure of speech!)

    Additionally, I imagine several of these models/theories would fit my chosen community, it’s just a matter of deciding which I would prefer to delve into…

    Anyone care to share their approach to picking their LIS Model?

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