Getting Started… with Reflection Blogging

Greetings all – After your Introductory post, your next five blog entires are all part of the Reflection Blogging assignment. You will use your blog on the Community Site blogging platform in this class. The five posts will include substantial content, citations, and reflective thinking. These blog posts should form the basis of parts of your research paper and are worth 20 points.

I will post reminders about blogging as part of our weekly Introductions, but for now here are some action items to help you get started. The Introductory post and final reflection are part of your participation grade.

Action Items:

  • Be sure to look at the Blogging Helper for insights on writing each post.
  • Because we use feeds and readers for this section of 200, individual post URL submissions are not required. At the end of the semester, you will submit your blog URL to Canvas for grading. The Reflection Blog assignment is cumulative.
  • Michael will offer an optional mid term check in for students to discuss progress on reflective blogging.

Reflection Blogging Due Dates: (See assignment page for full descriptors)

  • Blog Post #2: Description of Information Community you are choosing to explore for the course and the research paper. 9/17
  • Blog Post #3: Report on the information-seeking behavior and information needs of chosen community. 10/1
  • Blog Post #4: Summarize one of the peer-reviewed articles relating to your information community you’ve found. 10/15
  • Blog Post #5: Report on an ethical or legal issue pertaining to your information community. 11/5
  • Blog Post #6: Report on your community’s use of emerging technologies. 12/10


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