Last Thing to Do: Submit Your Activity Stream to Canvas

I had this set to publish on Friday but folks have had questions:


Hey all – we are reaching the end of our time together!

When you finish your final reflection due by the last day of class, please submit your activity stream URL to Canvas for Commenting, Engagement and Participation. The URL should look like this and link to all of your activity on the Community Site:

I will check your section site activity myself when you submit the Community Site URL. Note: this is not your blog URL (I need that too) but your activity stream.

 You will demonstrate active participation and engagement through your blog, commenting on your classmates’ blogs, project work and use of the course site. A minimum of six well-articulated comments (or other participation in groups, etc) is required.
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8 thoughts on “Last Thing to Do: Submit Your Activity Stream to Canvas

  1. Lana

    Hi Professor,
    I noticed that some of my comments on others’ blog posts haven’t showed up on my activity stream because they have not approved the comments. Can this be addressed to remind students to approve comments?

  2. Erica Stuempfig

    @michael I guess they are up, it doesn’t show on my home page but for instance my blog #7 Liz Farinella commented and it does show up when I click on the actual blog post #7. So maybe it’s fine.

  3. Meg Suhosky

    I am having a similar issue, I just did a “test comment” now to see if it would show up on my activity. It shows on the other student’s blog, but does not come up in my activity feed. I know there are other comments that are missing, but I can’t remember where I left them and at what time.. (see test comment here:

    I think I was able to locate a couple from my dashboard and attached those with my submission as a screenshot.


    1. Michele Atwater

      Hi @msuhosky, I have replied to you kind commentary and made a reciprocal response on your blog site… Please let me know if it shows up in your activity stream.

      Hope this Helps!

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