New(ish) Article: Student Use of Mobile Devices

Hey all – Honored to do research with Debbie Faires and SJSU School of Information graduate Nikki Rudiger. This just came out in a recent issue of  the Journal of Education for Library and Information Science 2021 Vol. 62, No. 4 DOI: 10.3138/jelis-62-4-2020-0093.

It was published online a few months ago. Take a look if interested. I am fascinated by what we called the Student Power User.

Here’s the PDF for ease of access:jelis-62-4-2020-0093

Do you see all the parts of a typical peer-reviewed research study?

4 thoughts on “New(ish) Article: Student Use of Mobile Devices

  1. Stacey Nerdin

    This was so interesting, thanks for sharing, @michael! I’m curious how the use of mobile devices for learning is affected by necessity vs preference. Does increased mobile use correlate with the kinds of increased responsibilities that pose barriers to sitting down at a computer to study (ie: being at work, being a caregiver, traveling, etc)? Or is it just that students simply prefer the mobile interface or a sense of freedom that they don’t have to be at a computer? I know that wasn’t the point of your study, but it’s something I wondered about as I read it. Thanks again for sharing!

  2. Caitlin Sheil

    Cool article @michael! It was interesting to see the different apps that students use. One app that I use daily is Speechify. I actually used it to listen to this article. It started as a necessity because I have a super long commute and could not fit in all of the required reading for this course. Then it turned into preference because I retain the information better if I can hear it. I would be curious to see if any other students use the Speechify app.

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