New(ish) Article: Student Use of Mobile Devices

Hey all – Honored to do research with Debbie Faires and SJSU School of Information graduate Nikki Rudiger. This just came out in a recent issue of  the Journal of Education for Library and Information Science 2021 Vol. 62, No. 4 DOI: 10.3138/jelis-62-4-2020-0093.

It was published online a few months ago. Take a look if interested. I am fascinated by what we called the Student Power User.

Here’s the PDF for ease of access:jelis-62-4-2020-0093

Do you see all the parts of a typical peer-reviewed research study?

6 thoughts on “New(ish) Article: Student Use of Mobile Devices

  1. Rebecca Fong

    Great article! It’s motivating to see what recent iSchool grads are working on. I like our iSchool program because of its flexibility and ability to do courses on the go. I have similar workflow ideas as the student power users, but they are a bit more organized!

  2. Liam Curley

    A fascinating study. I know some of these topics were really relevant as I started classes – questions like should I purchase a tablet for readings? do I want the Canvas app on my phone? I also appreciate how the paper addresses what teachers can do to reach “mLearners,” and what decisions are beyond their control (e-learning platforms, etc.) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Danielle

    I’m struck by the idea of “‘[tearing] apart the existing barrier’ between real life and formal learning.” It does make me a little uncomfortable — as does my cell phone, generally, and my brain’s relationship to it — but the Student Power User sounds inspiring. As I understand them, they utilize technologies in a personalized way to best integrate their digital student life into their existing one. I’m figuring these things out as I go. I have recently acquired a tablet, @liamcurley, and I will say that I do like it for readings because it can come with me to the couch (or crouched on the floor of SFO).

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      @dtruppi I would venture to say that the student power user does not make a difference between what is digital and what is the rest of their life it is just one continuous flow. With a student power user really demonstrated to us as research was super specific workflows with granular detail as to tools and tech.

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