Outstanding Blogging!

Hey all – I just finished reading all of your posts #5 and #6 — and some of the cool #7 artifacts too! Your work overall is right on target. Your citations from the literature and critical thinking is spot on. I read some posts that will be so easily remixed into the discussion sections of your paper, just like your earlier posts can remix into the intro and lit review.

You also have created posts that could be used as evidence for your E-Portfolio.

One more Blog Report post to go – and that one is due next Sunday, 12/8.

Would anyone who created their artifact already want to paste the URL as a comment below to inspire your classmates?

Blog Post #7: Create a media-based artifact (infographic, video, audio, etc) from your research and explorations of your community’s use of emerging technologies. How do they use technology to advance the community or share information? Be as creative as you’d like!

Some popular tools students have used, as compiled by include:

Also, checkout  this helpful site: https://marketingtechblog.com/infographic-layouts/

Image: Gold Coast, Australia.

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