Pondering: Learner’s Groups OPML?

Hey all! I am pondering how to best create the OPML file for our course.

So here is the question for all of you. We are at 70 students across my two combined sections of 200. I DO NOT expect any of you to read every single blog post from your classmates but I would like to make it more manageable for you to engage with each other on the Community Site. One thought I had beyond creating two 30+ feed OPMLs files is to divide the group into perhaps four “Learner’s Groups.” This would be done randomly so we have people with diverse interests in each group instead of people grouping by LIS interest etc.

What the OPML does is auto-populates a feed reader (such as Feedly) with the feeds of individual blogs. It makes it very easy to monitor what people are writing and when new posts go up. So my question to you all is – what would be more useful for you — two 30+ feed OPMLs by section or four groups of 15 or so? Of course, you can comment on any of the 200 blogs across the Community Site as well! Please weigh in below.

NOTE: If this all seems a little fuzzy, that’s fine. In the first weeks of any program you have a lot come at you, for an online program, that’s tripled – especially with technology. I think once you try a Feedly account it will make a lot of sense and become a tool you may use for years to come. This is safe place for everyone but I want you to be exploring, learning and trying new things!

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