Post #7: Emerging Tech

Hey all – Don’t miss the helper for Blog Report #7:

Blog Post #7: Create a media-based artifact (infographic, video, audio, etc) from your research and explorations of your community’s use of emerging technologies. How do they use technology to advance the community or share information? Be as creative as you’d like!

Some popular tools students have used include:

Also, checkout  this helpful site:

4 thoughts on “Post #7: Emerging Tech

  1. Liz Farinella

    Hi. Should this media-based artifact be directed toward the info community? Or can it be directed toward information professionals who are addressing the needs of the info community (reference and programming considerations)? Or is either approach OK? Thanks ~ Liz

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      Hi @lizfarinella The artifact should focus on your community’s use of emerging technologies or their use of technology in general to create, exchange, find and share information. It does not have to be focused on reference or programming but more on the community itself.

  2. Michele Atwater

    Quick Question: Is it possible to upload the full Prezi file to our blogs without a professional account? Or is it acceptable to simply supply the URL as a hyperlink to our infographic artifact?

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