Post #7: Emerging Tech

Hey all – Don’t miss the helper for Blog Report #7:

Blog Post #7: Create a media-based artifact (infographic, video, audio, etc) from your research and explorations of your community’s use of emerging technologies. How do they use technology to advance the community or share information? Be as creative as you’d like!

Some popular tools students have used include:

Also, checkout  this helpful site:

4 thoughts on “Post #7: Emerging Tech

  1. Zoe Williams

    What is the best approach if using Prezi? It is not listed in the embedded options for Word Press – so is it (2) Upload media while creating a post or page or (3) Upload media from the main page? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

  2. Kristen Snyder

    Thanks for providing the links to tools. I haven’t done infographics before (the closest I’ve done are turning Excel data tables into pie charts or graphs, still in Excel), and these look like they’ll make it possible/easy. 🙂

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